Digital Marketing Makeover

This service has only one goal, to increase your profits.

If you are interested in pursuing a digital marketing makeover please contact Townsend Consultants

If you are interested in using the latest digital marketing techniques to bring new customers to you, ahead of your competitors, you have come to the right place. Most of our clients are too busy running their businesses to keep up to speed on the latest techniques and appreciate having a full service digital marketing partner to take care of everything it takes to deliver new customers and grow their business.

The service comprises the following:
  • Mutually agreed targets for new customers/sales per month
  • Design, build and maintain a system to secure new customers
  • Monthly face to face meetings to review progress and continuously improve performance
  • 10 page monthly report, analysis of results achieved and recommendations
  • Agree specific actions and deliverables for the following months marketing campaign
The appropriate marketing tools and latest proven marketing techniques that best serve your target market are selected from:

Website - with a strong conversion architecture
Smartphone/mobile friendly
SEO - Search engine optimization
SEM / PPC - Google Pay Per Click
Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Google +
Email Marketing
Press releases
Outdoor Signs
Sales training
CRM systems

A marketing strategy is designed specifically to outmaneuver your competitors, even the ones with bigger budgets. It also has to deliver significantly more profit to your business than the marketing service costs you. Payback is typically achieved in less than 4 months.

You provide the knowledge about your product or service, we provide the expertise to secure new customers. 



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