Virtual VP Program

Outsource Your Product Management - Why Buy When You Can Lease?

Virtual VP - Scenario

You are a high tech start up and until now all your resources have gone into developing your product. You have an extremely skilled technical team but limited in house experience of successfully bringing a new product to market. Besides, your management team is already stretched pretty thin. You would like to recruit a full time VP Marketing / Product Management but due to the financial commitment that entails it would make more sense after the product has successfully proven itself in the market and you have some cash coming in.

If the above resonates with you may want to consider the Virtual VP Program.

What's is the virtual VP Program (in a nutshell)

The program enables you to "lease" on a part time or short term basis a skilled New Product Introduction expert. Rather than recruiting and remunerating a full time VP Marketing you can access exactly the same skill set for a fraction of the cost and more importantly without the long term financial commitment. 

What does it take to successfully introduce your new product to market?

You might refer to this as the Product Management Trifecta:

Product Marketing trifecta

Product Strategist

Business case
Cashflow Forecast
Identify market problem
Competitive analysis
Market size, TAM, SAM
Market requirements

Technical Product Management

Technology assessment
User personas
Use scenarios
Release milestones
Quality requirements
Plan of Record

Product Marketing Management

Marketing Plan
Go to market
Buyer persona's
Marketing material
Presentations and demo's
Lead generation
Sales channel training
Sales support

Also referred to as "The Improbable PLM" because it is rare to find one individual well versed in 3 somewhat dissimilar skillsets.

All of our team members are experienced in providing the full trifecta of skills with a proven track record across multiple industries and with both start ups and mature organizations.



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